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“RBG’s death alarms and saddens Marilyn as she hopes for a better world.” September 24, 2020. Click here.  

“Being born: The world, The Jewish World, and me!” The Jewish World. September 15, 2020. [Link pending]

“Hairy tales from the pandemic become a focus.” The Jewish World. August 20, 2020. Page 13. [Link pending]

“Abbott’s chocolate almond ice cream—and don’t skimp on the almonds.” Heritage Florida Jewish News. August 14, 2020. Page 7A. Click here.  

“How school enriches both. teacher and student.” Heritage Florida Jewish News. Back to School Issue. August 7, 2020. Page 6B. [Link pending]

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for…frozen custard.  !” The Jewish World. August 6, 2020. Page 11. Click here.

“ A bolt out of the blue.” Heritage Florida Jewish News. July 31, 2020. Page 7A. Click here.

“I finally ‘get. it’—I’m sorry I’m late.” Heritage Florida Jewish News. July 10, 2020. Page 5A. Click here.

“I’ve had enough. Black lives do matter!” The Jewish World. July 9, 2020. Page 9, 14. Click here.

“Big Wheels and big hills,” Heritage Florida Jewish News. June 26, 2020.  Page 5B. [Link pending]

 “‘When you’re chewing on life’s gristle.Always look on the bright. side of life’ Monty Python” The Jewish World. June 25, 2020. Page 10. Click here. 

“A challah essential ingredient: Marilyn puts soul into the dough.” The Jewish World. June 17, 2020. Click here.

“Challah! A Delight for the Soul!” Heritage Florida Jewish News. June 12, 2020. Click here.

“Too many questions! What I miss most during the pandemic is certainty.” The Jewish World. May 28, 2020. Page 13. Click here.

“My Top Ten list to get through this pandemic.”. Heritage Florida Jewish News. May 15, 2020. Page 7A. Click here.

“Marilyn tries to help!” The Jewish World. May 14, 2020. Page 7. Click here. 

“The personal impact of the corona virus.” Heritage Florida Jewish News. April 17, 2020. Page 11. Click here

‘All things must pass’ Meanwhile we sit tight and alone.” The Jewish World. April 16, 2020. Page 7. Click here

‘All things must pass’ Meanwhile we sit tight and alone.” The Jewish World. April 16, 2020. Page 7. Click here

May the coronavirus passover. us all!” Heritage Florida Jewish News. April. 3, 2020.  Page 7A. Click here.

“Mulling her words, Marilyn mulls the Yiddish/Hebrew she often uses.” The Jewish World. March 19, 2020. [Link pending]

“Purim—a time to. be drunk on happiness.” Heritage Florida Jewish News. March 6, 2020.Page 11A. Click here.

“Marilyn muses on cats and Hemingway.” The Jewish World. February 20, 2020. Click here.

“Tu B’Shevat! Time to plant a tree or two! The Jewish World. February 6,, 2020. Click here.

“Storm lover wakes up to the realization that life is fragile.” The Jewish World. January 23, 2020. Click here.

“The lovingkindness of Fred Rogers: Can it help us with tikkun olam?” The Jewish World. December 26, 2019. Click here.

“The gift of gab leads to new friends; Affability defines her nature.” The Jewish World. December 12, 2019. Click here

“Marilyn mulls cold turkey Shabbat withdrawal from electronics.” The Jewish World. November 28, 2019. Click here

“Torn between 3 places? Why we are comfortable with were we are.” The Jewish World. November 14, 2019. Click here.

“An acknowledgement of libraries and the role they’ve played in the life of this bibliophile.” The Jewish World. November 7, 2019. Click here

“I remember my Zayde.” The Jewish World. August 22, 2019. Click here for my  web page link..

“Even small mitzvahs count! Feeling good while doing good..” The Jewish World. August 8, 2019. Click here. 

“Into the Wood–a place for contemplation and renewal.” The Jewish World. July 25, 2019. Click here for my website link.

“Summers with Dad–Father’s Day reminiscing.” The Jewish World. June 13, 2019. Click here.(To Be Updated Soon)

“The redeeming power of loving a pet–a story like many others.”The Jewish World. June 27, 2019. Click here for my website link.

“Remembering an honored Jewish War Veteran.” ” Heritage Florida Jewish News. May 31, 2019. Click here

“Remembering a Shabbat singer; Bud Black dies at 88.” The Jewish World. May 30, 2019. Click here for webpage link

“One of the many who served us all; Albert Gellman–World War II Hero.” The Jewish World. May 16, 2019. Click here for my webpage link.

“Larry will be 71 and so will Israel! Bonding with Israel still seems like a good investment.” The Jewish World. May 4, 2019. Click here.

“On Bonds and Birthdays.” Heritage Florida Jewish News. May 3, 2019. Page 7A. Click here

“Our friend Mel Toub. His memories will be our blessings.” The Jewish World. April 4, 2019. Click here for my webpage link..

“She left many years ago—but part of her heart is still there….” The Jewish World. March 21, 2019.  Click here.

Shapiro, Marilyn. “Being Jewish in Alaska.” Heritage Florida Jewish News. March 15, 2019.. Click here.

Shapiro, Marilyn “A Jewish neshama shining bright in Alaska.” The Jewish World. March 7, 2019. .Click here.

“Borscht Belt staff reminisce about the glory days of the Jewish Alps.” The Jewish World. January 24, 2019. Click Here

“Revisiting the Catskills from the staffs’ perspective.” Heritage Florida Jewish News. February 22, 2019.. Click here.

“Marilyn finds an easy way to break down barriers between people.” The Jewish World. February 14, 2019. Click here.

“Is something strange going on? Coincidence? Or could it be b’shert?” The Jewish World. December 27, 2018. Click here.

.“Butterfly images resonate: Holocaust, bias, and fear make them Shapiro’s totem. The Jewish World. December 13, 2018. Click here.

“Of Miracles and gratitude: ‘Make new friends, but keep the old.’” The Jewish World. November 29, 2018.  Click here.

“A story of Jewish survival to note Kristallnacht.” The Jewish World. November 8, 2018. Click here.

“Collect Memories, not things.” Heritage Florida Jewish News. October 26, 2018. Financial Issue 2018. Click here.

“Football, food, synagogues and a museum in a whirlwind trip.” Heritage Florida Jewish News. October 26, 2018.Click here.

“Pickleball makes a dink shot among sports lovers of all ages.” USA Pickleball  Association website. October 26, 2018. Click here. 

“Tikkun Olam is focus of Shapiro’s new column compilation.” The Jewish World. October 10, 2018. Click here.

“East, West, home’s best:” Rain, cliffs, darkness and rocks of Norway emphasize that truth.” The Jewish World. September 20, 2018.

“Hope for the new year revived by tale of Lamed Vav!” The Jewish World. September 13 2018.  Click here.

Overcoming oneness makes the high holy days even sweeter. Heritage Florida Jewish News. September 7, 2018. Click here.

“My sister: A pioneer as a teacher in special education!!” The Jewish World. August 23 2018. Click here. 

“A Sherpa, or a shlepper? When it comes to packing, I’m both!” The Jewish World. July 26, 2018. Click here.  

“Shabbat with Synagogue of the Summit brings Shapiros solace.” The Jewish World. July 17, 2018. Click here.  Page 7.

“In pursuit of state plates.” Heritage Florida Jewish News. July 20, 2018. Click here.   

“Many victories celebrated at St. Anthony Triathlon; marathon out-runs stalker.” The Jewish World. June 14, 2018. Click here. 

“This past Memorial Day a Stalag 17 POW was remembered.” Heritage Florida Jewish News. June 6, 2018.Click here.  

“Patriot Weissman was POW in World War II.” The Jewish World. June 1, 2018. Click here. 

“Holocaust by bullets monuments erected throughout Belarus. Heritage Florida Jewish News. May 25, 2018.Click here.