Marilyn’s Books

There Goes My Heart (2016)

A love affair sealed in (a kidney) stone. A mother who is out in left field when she volunteers to chaperone her daughter’s school trip. The boxer who ate the blintzes and other tales of canine woes. There Goes My Heart is a collection of 40 essays that capture special moments in a lifetime Marilyn has spent in Upstate New York, Florida, Colorado and beyond. Readers will empathize with these true stories of dating, marriage, raising children and caring for elderly parents through the author’s wit edged with appreciation and love of family and friends.Available on Amazon on Kindle and in paperback. Click here to order! 

Tikkun Olam (2018)

Tikkun Olam is the Hebrew moral principle of “repairing the world,” that every individual should leave the world a better place than they found it. Marilyn shares her journey to her “highest self” through thoughtful and often witty writings, which span a lifetime of experiences, from childhood, marriage, motherhood, and retirement. Throughout her journeys, she never loses her unwavering beliefs in truth, kindness, and community service—colored with healthy doses of humor and compassion. Available on Amazon on Kindle and in paperback. Click here to order!

Fradel’s Story (2020)

Ever since I could remember, my mother Frances “Fradel” Cohen was the family storyteller. Give her an opening, and she would regale any audience with stories of her relatives’ lives in The Old Country, her early years of marriage to my father Bill, their life in small towns in the North Country, and their raising four children. I too had memories of our old Victorian house and our cottage on Lake Champlain. Now, I gladly share this collection my readers. Click here to order!


Keep Calm and Bake Challah (Coming Spring 2022)

Whether kneading bread on Shabbat, Zooming with family and friends, or sharing stories of others who survived live-shattering experiences, Marilyn finds ways to understand how to navigate life’s mishegass!