Pickleball article posted on USAPA website.

The USA Pickleball Association, located in Surprise, Arizona, has picked up my recent article on America’s fastest growing game for its website. Thanks to family and friends from the United States, Canada, England, and Wales who contributed to my story with their personal accounts of the game.

“Pickleball makes a dink shot among sports lovers of all ages.” USA Pickleball  Association website. October 26, 2018. Click here.

1 thought on “Pickleball article posted on USAPA website.

  1. Doris Calderon


    Just wanted to compliment you on this well-researched and well/written article.

    Well done. Sorry it took so long, but I wanted to read it carefully and, as you already know, this retirement status doesn’t leave a lot of “down time.”


    Sent from Doris’ iPhone 518 2216717



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